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Would you like to do something, but not commit yourself?
Even little can make a Big difference and change somebody's life in a positive way.

Every single contribution counts.

5 €:

can feed a child for almost a week

10 €:

can buy school supplies for a school - aged child

20 €:

can help a family buy a goat and help them gain a little bit more independence

30 €:

can equip a small family with blankets to get through a cold winter

80 €:

can get a child a bicycle – this can make going to school possible

100 €:


can help to buy a sewing machine for a woman standing on her own feet

200 €:

can help a sick person to pay for an important operation and makes life worth living again


300 €: 

can buy an ox for the fieldwork and give food to a whole family

It may just be a drop in the ocean,

Our team believes the ocean is a multitude of drops.

Especially with small organizations, the question arises: does it make much of a difference?

You might think that it’s hardly worth even trying.


But for the individual, for each suffering child, for those who are desperate and hungry, it´s not just a drop in the bucket.

It makes a huge difference!

Your support means much more than this child would have ever dared to dream.


Happy Children-Hilfe für Nepals Kinder e.V.

Volksbank Hochrhein

IBAN: DE50 6849 2200 0001 069020



Happy Children e.V.

Neue Aargauer Bank 5201 Brugg

IBAN: CH90 0588 1158 3815 5000 0


or quite simply
donate with a click:


Happy Children e.V.
D 79787 Lauchringen | Germany
Tel. +49 7741 807970


US:  Happy Children is under the umbrella of "Unsilenced Voices"

Unsilenced Voices is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

100% of the donations are tax-deductible.​

Donation need to be made with the special note: for Happy Children Nepal



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